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Nekorinne Luneclaw Updated Bio

Name: Nekorinne Luneclaw
Age: 11 Sweeps (23 years)
Type: Mutant Indigoblooded Seadweller
Uses: LzrGuitarkind,Mickind,Fankind,and 2xGunkind (has started using LzrGuitarkind more,though in combination with Fankind.)
Power: Hydromanipulation,Chucklevoodoo,Snakes Eye Hypnosis.
Chumhandle: lovelyNagaempress
Loves: Skulls,Aquabats,Weapons,music,drawing,swimming,robotics,movies.
From: Land of Beauty and Melody.
Hates: Conflict,people getting hurt,people being made fun of,weapons breaking.

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